Our Mission

Enable our customers to improve energy efficiency and utilize local renewable and other energy sources to save money, shrink dependence on foreign sources of energy, drive new technologies, contribute to a healthy, sustainable environment while ensuring availability of power to critical facilities even during emergency situations arising out of natural disasters or other causes.

What drives us?

What drives us? As natural disasters have now historically demonstrated more and more critical infrastructure destruction per occurrence, and longer utility restoration times, the need for sustainability and power reliability through the use of local renewable and other resources will increase greatly. Potential for Microgrid solutions from energy security point will continue to rise greatly in the future. Microgrid solutions ensure availability of power to critical facilities such as military, national security, research laboratories, data centers as well as health and safety functions of towns and cities such as Police, fire, emergency communication centers, shelters, hospital trauma centers etc. Governments will continue to spend more in areas of energy independence, energy security, and combat conversion from traditional fossil fuels to sustainable operations.

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