Emergency Power Test or EPT (patent pending) is S S Energy Technologies’ one-box solution for testing your emergency power system. It will create the monthly and yearly test reports as required by Chapter 8 of the NFPA 110 Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems. This is necessary for hospitals as per The Joint Commission and is recommended for critical facilities. The system logs data every time the generator starts or an Automatic Transfer Switch changes state. This eliminates the requirement for maintenance personnel to manually record this information and removes human error from the process.

Does not require a server or expensive software. Only a PC with a web browser is needed.
Data is stored to allow reports to be run at a later date.
Can collect data from modern generator controllers with an available communication option.
Will interface with existing advanced electrical meters if available, or a new meter can be supplied.
Basic system will support up to two generators and five Automatic Transfer Switches with options for larger configurations available.

Data is displayed in real-time through a web browser or an optional HMI in the EPT enclosure.

Remaining times are displayed along with indications when each portion of the test has passed. This can help prevent the requirement to redo a test.

Having information for the switches and generators in a single location eliminates the requirement for running back and forth during testing.

The reports created by EPT provide a permanent record with a definitive indication that the test has passed. As part of NFPA 110, missing any of the monthly reports in a year requires the facility to do a yearly test. The added cost for the load bank needed as part of the yearly test means a quick return on investment when EPT eliminates the missed monthly reports.

Monthly and yearly test reports can be displayed in a web browser and downloaded as a PDF file to be printed.

Previous reports remain available in the system with storage available for multiple years.

Fields are included for facility name, technician performing the test, and any repairs or maintenance work performed.

The system automatically determines if the test has passed by calculating transfer times for each ATS and required run time and loading of the generators.

Events for each ATS are displayed with timestamp and a summary section displaying transfer time and pass/fail status for each ATS.

The graph shows the testing load requirement in red and the actual measured load for the duration of the test in blue.