Improve system reliability by adding emergency standby generation capacity and/or automating existing generator controls

Capitalize on utility capacity shortages by exporting excess generator capacity to utilities

Improve efficiency and usage by installing a load demand generator sequence system

In today’s always changing electrical power environment, you need a partner that you can trust to design, build, and maintain your emergency power system.

If those questions make you uneasy or you don’t know the answers, we can help.

The recent power outages in the Northeast, the shooting of a substation transformer in Northern California, the over regulation of power companies, and the lack of commitment to invest and upgrade the National power grid are signs that emergency power systems are more vital to your business than ever before.

When was the last time you had to utilize your back up power system?

Is it critical to your facility’s operation?

When was the last time you had the control system serviced?

We do service calls, assessments, system software & firmware updates, and complete retrofit designs Contact us for assistance with your current controls or plans to implement new controls.