Harnessing the power of the sun, wind, waste & other renewable sources

The cost of energy continues to rise each year. Building of large coal fired or nuclear power plants looks like a thing of the past. Where will your future energy come from? Let SSET look at opportunities for you in renewable and alternate sustainable energy sources

We have solutions for reducing the electrical energy demand and carbon footprint in your facility as well as maximizing tax credits for alternate energy

The advances in solar inverter technologies, improved power output and plummeting prices of solar panels, tax credits for alternative green energy have made photo voltaic power a practical means of supplying your facility.

SSET has solutions for Stand Alone, Grid Tie, and Battery Back Up inverter systems.

Stand-alone inverters are used in isolated systems where the inverter draws its DC energy from batteries charged by photovoltaic arrays. Many stand-alone inverters also incorporate integral battery chargers to replenish the battery from utility AC source during off peak hours. Normally these do not interface in any way with the utility grid, and as such, are not required to have anti-islanding protection

Grid-tie inverters which match phase with a utility-supplied sine wave and are designed to shut down automatically upon loss of utility supply, for safety reasons. They do not provide backup power during utility outages.

Battery backup inverters, are special inverters which are designed to draw energy from a battery, manage the battery charge via an onboard charger, and export excess energy to the utility grid. These inverters are capable of supplying AC energy to selected loads during a utility outage, and are required to have anti-islanding protection.

All SSET components comply with UL 1741, UL 1547, and UL 508c for custom enclosure fabrication.

SSET has wind energy solutions with wind turbines from 10 kW and up for Grid Tie or Stand Alone applications.

SSET has solutions for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) with Fuel Cells, Turbines and IC engines with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuel and energy generation from waste.

SSET offers energy storage systems using batteries, compressed air and pumped storage. Systems as small as 25 kW can be implemented.

Combining solar, wind, and storage components into one design is a complex engineering task. We can provide a solution that supplies your critical or non critical loads with the intelligence to anticipate changing conditions within your process or facility very cost effectively.